VIDEO VORTEX #8 – Cultures, Art and Politics of Online Video.
Conference + exhibition. Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, May 2012

Flag Metamorphoses in exhibition

MSU Zagreb
MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

video vortex 8, 2012, zagreb, exhibition
Video Vortex 8 - exhibition - Flag Metamorphoses (selection menu)

Jorge Lara + Israel Tello: AFGHANISTAN AND MEXICO
Jorge Lara + Israel Reyna: AFGHANISTAN AND MEXICO

video vortex zagreb. Slobodan Tomiæ: Croatia - USA
Slobodan Tomiæ: CROATIA - USA

video vortex zagreb. Cene van der Merve: SOUTH AFRICA - NAMIBIA
Cene van der Merve: SOUTH AFRICA - NAMIBIA

video vortex zagreb. Irena Paskali: EX-YUGOSLAVIA
Irena Paskali: EX-YUGOSLAVIA

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, in collaboration with Association Kazimir in Split and the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam, is organizing and hosting an international conference of theorists, artists and experts for new media, especially for online video, under the title Video Vortex. This platform deals with a recent phenomenon that has a considerable presence on the Internet (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook). Panel moderators: Geert Lovink, Tihomir Milovac (MSU, curator for the exhibition), Petar Milat, Brian Willems, Dan Oki, William Linn.